Best Eyelash Extensions – New York Magazine

Eyelash extensions by Monika Crouch at Pierre Michel.

  • Pierre Michel Salon

    131 E. 57th St., 212-755-9500

    Pierre Michel was one of the first salons in New York to introduce eyelash extensions when the trend hopped coasts from L.A. in late 2004. Monika Crouch is the go-to expert for the painstaking process of gluing single synthetic lashes to each of your natural flutterers. Given the delicacy of the task, she’s remarkably quick: In just 90 minutes (most other places take at least two hours), she’ll perfect whatever look you’re after—natural, come-hither, or Bambi. In fact, she’s so adroit with her glue stick and tweezers that clients often doze off (well, you do have to keep your eyes closed). A full set costs $300 and lasts four to six weeks.

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