Best Eyelash Extensions – New York Magazine


Monika Crouch is the go-to expert for the painstaking process of gluing single synthetic lashes to each of your natural flutterers. Given the delicacy of the task, she’s remarkably quick: Read More

Real Bride Makeover: Classic Romance – Daily Makeover

After the hair, flawless makeup was needed to complete the look. “I just wanted her to look simple and glamorous without looking overdone,” explains Monika Crouch of Pierre Michel. “Usually for bridal makeup it is nice to look enhanced and not too overdone.”
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A Salon With All the Trimmings – NY Times

The rich and famous come and go without undue attention. “Celebrities do not like to be handled differently,” said Ruth Hoppe, the desk manager. “When Uma Thurman comes in and has her color done, she still makes the appointment. Or her assistant makes the appointment. And no one makes a fuss.”

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