Real Bride Makeover: Modern Beach Beauty – Daily Makeover

Then makeup artist Monika Crouch went with a natural, evening wedding-appropriate look. To start out, Crouch applied Smashbox Cream Shadow ($20.00, in A82 Gemstone and then Naked Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeshadows ($59.99, in Sierra Nevada 01, Sierra Nevada 02, Sierra Nevada 05 and Naturally Nude to Laura’s eyes. “I always just pick up on the basis of her natural features. I just thought it would look really pretty and bring out her eye color to have something sultry and smoky and kind of broaden around her eyes to make them stand out,” says Crouch.
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Haute At-Home Pampering – Hamptons Magazine

Monika Crouch
Monika Crouch has perfected the art of mink eyelash extensions during her 13-year career as an aesthetician. Her expertise allows for various long-lasting eyelash styles, ranging from naturally enhanced to evening glamour lengths. 917-561-3118 Read More

MAD FOR LASHES – The Glamourai

The process was so easy and relaxing. i showed up, kicked off my shoes and got cozy on a massage bed, while makeup artist monika crouch set to work on my eyes. using a surgical-grade glue, she attached 40-60 extensions (made from cruelty-free mink) on each eye, adhering them to my existing lashes. a little over an hour later, i woke up to substantially longer, fuller, glossier eyelashes ~ and a genuine confidence injection!
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