MAD FOR LASHES – The Glamourai

To prepare for the frenzy of fashion week, pierre michel salon gifted me with an extra-special beauty treatment which i’ve been curious to try for years: mink eyelash extensions!

The process was so easy and relaxing. i showed up, kicked off my shoes and got cozy on a massage bed, while makeup artist monika crouch set to work on my eyes. using a surgical-grade glue, she attached 40-60 extensions (made from cruelty-free mink) on each eye, adhering them to my existing lashes. a little over an hour later, i woke up to substantially longer, fuller, glossier eyelashes ~ and a genuine confidence injection!

The extensions last about three months (with occasional touch-ups in between). they eliminate the need to wear mascara, and I wake up in the morning feeling fresher (and more decadently doe-eyed) than ever before. i couldn’t be happier with the result, and suspect i’ll be making a habit of this indulgence!

have you ever tried eyelash extensions before? have any questions about the experience? let me know in the comments and i’ll do my best to answer them all!!

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